consulting and Project management

Regional experts point out that a sound knowledge of the local context is crucial to successful project implementation. We help our clients and partners capitalise on our regional expertise to advance impactful projects that also benefit local communities.


Private sector consulting

We advise private sectors actors on the most adequate strategies for market expansion and local implementation in the region through risk assessment and market analysis. We also identify relevant local business partners.


Project implementation and coordination

We support the implementation and coordination of a variety of projects at local level (development, infrastructure, community-level), from activity implementation to reporting, monitoring and evaluation. We also have expertise in the field of sustainable tourism development.


Evaluations of projects

We assist the closing and final evaluation of projects in a variety of thematic fields and geographic locations in the region. Our evaluation experts have extensive knowledge of the region and will help identify needs and hurdles, but also good practices and policy recommendations.


Communication and public relations

We advise and support effective communication efforts and public relation strategies for private actors, local administrations and international organisations.