about us

In Africa Consulting was born out of the realisation that problems are best resolved with local solutions. Our experience on the African continent has taught us that thorny situations often call for simple solutions, as long as they are grounded in local know-how and community rules. We firmly believe that our long-standing experience in Western and Central Africa can benefit the work of regional and international actors.


We operate all over the region and we currently implement projects in Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Chad, Cameroon and Senegal. We bring extensive experience in service provision in the region. Our local teams are multilingual and can operate in English, French, German as well as in local languages.


Rainer Lösel has been working in Africa for over 40 years, and notably lived in Ivory Coast for many years. He has acquired a deep understanding of local dynamics and a unique know-how in problem solving. He also benefits from a large network of contacts and partners across the region. One of his main realisations is the establishment of a tour operator specialising in off the beaten path tours in Western and Central Africa which became one of the most prominent companies for African destinations in Germany.


Besides, Rainer Lösel worked in import/export, consulting for German authorities, development actors and companies and acted as a mediator between international clients and local authorities.

Paul Nehf is an entrepreneur with a background in journalism and politics. He has worked as a journalist, with a focus on international affairs and politics primarily in the Middle East. He later worked independently in the field of football scouting and talent recruitment in Africa, while covering sports in Africa as a freelance journalist. Over his career, he worked for some of the leading German newspapers (FAZ, Die Zeit, Welt, Bild) as well as for foreign press in French and English.


Paul Nehf co-founded In Africa Consulting together with Rainer Lösel. Thanks to his academic background and journalism experience in the Middle East, he brings expert knowledge of the Islamic world. He specialises in project coordination, communication and policy development.