Rainer Lösel is probably one of the best connoisseurs of Africa in Germany, hardly anyone understands the African soul as well as he does. Rainer Lösel has been on business in Africa for 40 years and lived many years in the Ivory Coast.  His life's work is Ivory Tours, a tour operator specialising in the unknown and most adventurous regions of Africa. Over the years Rainer Lösel has built up a unique know-how and a huge network of important contacts as well as loyal and competent local partners and employees.


In addition to his work as a tour operator, Rainer Lösel has done import/export business, advised German authorities and companies, implemented projects on site, supported football clubs in Africa missions and has been active countless times as a problem solver and mediator between clients and African authorities. His motto: There is a solution for everything.

Paul Nehf is a career changer on the African continent. Even though a lengthy study visit to Egypt led him to Africa early on, his academic focus as an Oriental scholar was initially primarily on the Arab world, so was his professional focus later as a journalist at Axel-Springer-Verlag.


With the beginning of his professional independence, Africa became the focus of his activities as a freelance journalist and football talent scout. Later he joined Rainer Lösel's tour operator Ivory Tours and together they carried out their first consulting projects in Africa. Despite his age, Paul Nehf has a lot of experience in foreign assignments - also in conflict areas - as well as foreign language skills and intercultural competence, especially in relation to the Islamic world.