Logistics and security

Service and project delivery in Western and Central Africa are often complicated by the lack or the state of infrastructures, especially in desertic areas with low population density. In addition, the ever-changing security situation creates risks and uncertainties for people and businesses. We have identified the most reliable service providers in the region and offer competitive rates for high-quality services.

Logistics and security

We provide equipment and workforce for security purposes and general logistics. We also support construction and renovation work and provide construction equipment. Some of our recent work included the construction of high-security facilities in Niger.


Freight and transportation

We offer transportation services for goods and individuals across the region, including to remote and risk areas. We also offer vehicle rental services for highly competitive rates.


Catering and accommodation

We work closely with the hospitability industry in the region to provide catering and accommodation services. We also support travel and event organisation (high-level events, conferences and trainings).